Washington, DC – The American Association of Crop Insurers (AACI) released a report titled “AACI in Action: Quarterly Report”.  This report from the first quarter provides a message from AACI’s newly-elected Chairman and Vice Chairman and highlights the association’s Board of Director’s for 2021.  In addition, the report lays out the Members of Congress appointed to serve on relevant House & Senate Committees, including Agriculture and Ag Approps, as well as lists out all the hires that have been made at the U.S. Department of Agriculture since President Biden took office.  Lastly, the report includes a summary of the National Crop Insurance Convention that was hosted by AACI, CIRB and NCIS virtually back in February, and acknowledges those individuals that have already contributed to the AACI-PAC in 2021.

View AACI 2021 1st Quarter Report